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One of the most important things you can do to prevent a hold-up is to deter it with a time-delay system.

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Stop Employee Theft

Prevent employees from having access to the cash with with a deposit slot drop into a separately locked compartment.

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Coin Dispensing

Prevent holdups by dispensing only the coin that you need without having to open and expose the whole safe.

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Cannabis Safes

Ideal for Storing Cannabis for Dispensaries, Approved CCBO outlets, Grow Operations, Pharmacies, or Hospitals.

Deposit Safes

Deposit Safes are ideal for Retail Stores and Restaurants for Storing Cash Trays, Coins, and Cash Boxes.

Cash Safes

Deter holdups by minimizing cash flow with time-delay. Separate compartments to reduce employee theft.

Welcome to Canadian Safe Manufacturing

Canadian Safe is the Largest Supplier of Safes for Canadian Retail Chains for storage of Cash and Narcotics. We manufacture over 50 Different Models in Canada and Specialize in Custom Safes built to suit your specific requirements.

With over 500 safes in stock ready to ship, an exclusive 24 hour nation-wide service network, and industry leading pricing we have been best suited to serving Canadian Retailers since 1986.

Videos & Instructions

Learn how to change the batteries, use WD-40 in a keylock, and more. All questions answered!

Prevent Holdups

Prevent holdups and break-ins with these simple steps.